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2022-10-10 18:08:18

'Venkateswara City' is actually a 14 acre NA plotting project in the rapidly expanding city of Solapur. This 14 acre project stands on a solid foundation of good planning to enhance your standard of living and lifestyle. Plots ranging from one to five acres with all amenities are available for sale here, along with self-contained commercial units for businessmen are also being developed. In this project that effectively fulfills all the legal requirements, you can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. Wishing that "Venkateswara City" that embodies your aspirations will be the new measure of success revolution. Convenient Central location on Solapur Main Road makes your stay in 'Venkateswara City' a pleasant one. Market, hospital, school-college, etc. daily services are just a call away from site. Pleasant air, pleasant atmosphere, train of amenities, every moment in Venkateswara City is filled with enthusiasm and excitement.

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