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Welcome to Solapur Property:
Your Friendly Real Estate team in Solapur

Solapur Property is a local real estate agency that has been serving Solapur’s property market for over 13 years. Our business is to help you find the most suitable property and make your real estate journey in Solapur as easy as possible.

No matter if you’re from Solapur or not, we’re always here to help

Our journey started with one idea: to change the way people experience real estate in Solapur. Solapur Property is known for its friendliness, honesty, and deep local market knowledge. If you are looking to buy, sell, or invest in property, we can make it a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Discover why Solapur Property is the right choice for real estate in Solapur. This is done by getting to know our team, understanding our mission, and knowing our vision statement. Investing in Solapur Property is our passion and we’re interested in becoming part of your success story.

Our story

The fascinating history behind Solapur Property!

There is a story behind Solapur Property that tells of dedication, passion, and a deep love for Solapur’s vibrant real estate market.

Almost 13 years ago, 4 real estate professionals came together with a shared vision: to make property searches more convenient and client-centric. Not only did they want to help clients, but they also dreamed of establishing their own real estate agency in Solapur.

A Vision Takes Shape

Personalized service and dedication to clients' unique needs encourage them to start their journey. They set out to create an agency that made a difference in Solapur with that vision in mind. Solapur Property was born.

Building Trust

From the beginning, every decision we made was based on trust and transparency. We understand that real estate trust is essential. By being honest, ethical, and open with our clients over the years, we have built strong relationships.

Creating Excellence

Through the years, Solapur Property evolved into a trusted name. Many clients trust us with their dream homes. Originally, we had 4 professionals. Now, we have 15+ advisors.

A Bright Future

Today, we are more committed than ever to serving our real estate clients. Continuing with the same passion, we can't wait to become a part of your real estate success in Solapur.

Vision & Mission

Investing in the Future: Solapur Property's Vision and Mission


With our Vision, we will be Solapur’s leading real estate agency by providing excellent client service, honesty, and innovation. By transforming our clients’ real estate expectations into reality, we aim to create a brighter future for them. As the trusted name in real estate in Solapur, we are committed to maintaining a strong focus on trust and transparency.


It is our mission to provide our clients with top-notch, client-focused real estate services that simplify the property journey. We are committed to providing the best outcomes for buyers, sellers, and investors by leveraging our local expertise, industry knowledge, and unwavering commitment to transparency and integrity. At Solapur Property, we build relationships and make dreams come true.

Company's backbone

Our Amazing Founders

Get to know the visionaries behind Solapur Property. In Solapur’s real estate market, these four founders have shaped our commitment to excellence. Their dedication, expertise, and passion have set Solapur Property’s course for success. Meet the real estate professionals who inspire us every day.

Sunil Pujari

Sunil Pujari

Prasad Godse

Prasad Godse

Ashish Birajdar

Ashish Birajdar

Lakshman Pujari

Lakshman Pujari


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Shop no.4, Preshak Presidency, Vasant Vihar, Solapur – 413001 

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